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Pediatric Ocular Prosthetics


Our eyes are impression-fit by use of  The Modified Impression Technique.


To obtain the exact dimensions of the socket we first select an impression tray that will fit between the lids and conform to the periphery of the socket.. This tray resembles a perforated half shell with an attached stem. We then  gently instill alginate material (no needles) into and around the socket. Alginate cream is the consistency of pudding and most people tolerate the impression procedure without complaints of discomfort.


This technique facilitates the optimum transfer of motility, from the underlying implant to the prosthesis, and is very similar to the way a dentist might take an impression of teeth.


After the alginate material sets, we remove it and duplicate the resulting  impression with a highly polished acrylic pattern. Wax can also be used for the pattern, but we’ve found that the smooth surface of plastic gives a more accurate approximation of how the lids will blink over the final acrylic prosthesis. The acrylic pattern is then sculptured anteriorly to match the palpebral opening of the companion eye. Hard inlay wax is also added to enhance the fit of the pattern.


A hand painted iris-corneal piece is then incorporated into the white pattern in the position that approximates direct gaze.


We then assemble the corneal button within the white scleral base. On the final visit  the color of the eye is hand painted, like portrait, to match the color of the companion eye. We carefully replicate the microscopic pigment cells of the iris with fine brushes and dry artist pigments.


The blood vessel pattern is duplicated by carefully placing red embroidery threads on the scleral portion of the eye. After the prosthesis has been painted, a thin layer of clear acrylic is cured over the finished artwork. The highly polished prosthesis is then inserted and evaluated for fit and comfort.




Impression tray

Impression of socket


Iris button incorporated into acrylic model


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