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Scleral Shell Prosthesis

A scleral shell is a thin flush fitting prosthesis designed to be worn over a disfigured/residual eye or an eviscerated globe.

It covers the entire surface of the eye, restoring a normal appearance as well as helping to restore the psychological well-being of the wearer.

A scleral shell provides a more natural surface for normal lacrimal tear function. The smooth surface of the shell also helps to minimize the discomfort that many people experience when blinking over the rough surface of the underlying eye.

This type of prosthesis provides an excellent cosmetic result and will also move in a synchronous manner with the companion eye.

Scleral Shells are impression fit. The methods used to fit a shell are very similar to the method used to fit a full thickness prosthesis. The only difference is that the shell prosthesis is much thinner; usually with a thickness of between .5 mm and 3 mm.

The best candidates for this type of prosthesis are patients with:

* Phthisis Bulbi

* Evisceration

* Microphthalmia

* Acquired & Congenital defects
Since the shell prosthesis fits like a glove over the underlying eye, the movement  is often excellent. Most wearers are able to wear their prosthesis continuously.
Disfigured eye
Scleral Shell in place
Scleral Shell in place
Residual eye
Residual eye
With shell prosthesis in place